How to prepare a woman for sex: detailed plan of a promising date!

You are already ready for sex, but you do not know if she wants to go for it. Many sexologists claim that if a girl is psychologically mature for sex with you, then you will not be denied. The most common mistake is the situation when a guy first talks a girl on abstract topics, and then begins to touch her in intimate places – such a “smooth” transition. For her, all this is unexpected, and psychologically she is not prepared for this, so a consequence, there is fright and rejection of intimate relationships. But with proper behavior, any guy has a high chance of success.

Let her clearly understand what you want

If you want to be a friend, then behave like a friend. But, if you prefer more, then immediately let her understand this. Your thoughts on intimate relationships with her should be demonstrated from the first minutes of the meeting (a kiss on the cheek or arm, correcting her curl). And, everyone knows the fact that when you touch a girl, it can make her feel the desire, better than Viagra and Cialis for men.

And, gradually bringing her to the goal of your meeting, you will not get a refusal. But talking all evening about the types of harvest and movement of the planets in the Galaxy, without ever touching her, you give her reason to consider you are only a friend, having deleted you from the list of potential sexual partners. She can also conclude that you are too timid to conquer her. Know that women love winners.

Do not sit still

During a date, do not sit with her in one place, but change the situation and setting.How to prepare a woman for sex: detailed plan of a promising date! Try to change the habit, having spent the whole date not in one place, but visit three or four. Many guys claim that after changing seats during a date the girl begins to trust them more. And her doubts regarding whether you are moving too quickly to intimate relationships are immediately lost.

Maybe earlier you could not get acquainted with the girl and have sex with her, because she thought that you would think of her as a depraved person, or because you forgot to take Cialis online safely. But after this little trip, she can change her mind about this, and you get a green light for your intentions. An excellent solution will be the contrast of the places you visit: a game of table tennis and a quiet walk along the coast of the sea, then – roller skating and rest in your cozy apartment.

How to prepare a woman for sex: detailed plan of a promising date!


You have already come to her house, but she does not want to go up to your apartment, although, somewhere deep down, she may dream of it. Why is this happening? It’s just an ordinary female reaction to the events that occur: not one single girl wants to be, in the eyes of others, a woman of easy virtue. Therefore, the arguments that you bring her to your apartment must be convincing and natural. And the offer to feed the dog cannot pass here. There are some examples:

1. A great example is the option to get warm before going home if it happens in the evening and during the cold season. Sometimes it happens, it is not even so important that you say, but confidently and at ease, so that your girl will not have any doubt about your true intentions.

2. In the course of events, say in the afternoon, you can treat her with a new kind of coffee, if she is a coffee lover, before continuing on her way to a new holiday destination.

3. And you may just go for it; you could take a risk and invite her to visit you. If she will agree, then very well; but if she will refuse you, then act surprised and reassure her, saying that you had no bad intentions. And lead her to her apartment.

And then, in its walls, you can again pester her until you reach the goal, despite her light protests. You did everything right, inviting her to visit you, so you do not want to deceive her. She also did everything right by accepting the invitation, do not let her be deceived. And now, in the eyes of her friends and her own eyes, she will look like a victim, not a girl who is not against intimate relationships.

She needs proof of your love

Often, a girl does not have an intimate relationship, not because she does not like sex or you, as a sexual partner. Everything is much more straightforward – she needs to know that you are dating her because you love her, and not for sex. This is a natural desire of those girls and women who are looking for a serious relationship. Therefore, the situation when she stands near your house and does not want to come in your apartment, you can beat as follows.

How to prepare a woman for sex: detailed plan of a promising date!

In the nearest supermarket, you buy a bottle of wine or champagne, Cialis 10mg, a few fruits, a couple of glasses and drink in the most adjacent public garden or park, leading with her a heart-to-heart conversation with the mention of her unearthly beauty in each toast. Maybe then she will come to the idea that communication with her is more important to you than sex. You can also apply if you are already in your apartment. If your previous attempts to have sex with her did not succeed, then perhaps your indifference intrigues her, and she will take the first step toward your further.