Sex Abstinence: Causes, Consequences on Male Health and Sex afterwards.

Reasons of Sex Abstinence

Sex is an integral part of the life of every healthy person. However, people sometimes have to be sexually inactive for a variety of causes:

  • Health reasons;
  • Lack of a sexual partner;
  • As part of spiritual discipline;
  • The vow of chastity (celibate);
  • Before serious sport competitions;
  • Lack of sexual orientation;
  • Individual personal reasons.

Sex Abstinence: Causes, Consequences for Male Health and Sex afterwards.

There are 2 types of sex abstinence:
1. Partial abstinence. It’s the lack of the possibility to have sex with a real partner. Usually, sex is replaced with masturbation and other forms of self-pleasure;

2. Total abstinence. This form is characterized by a total lack of sexual activity.

Male Sex Abstinence

Sex Abstinence: Causes, Consequences for Male Health and Sex afterwards.

Regardless of the causes of sex abstinence, it is taken as an abnormal behavior that reveals physical or psychological disorders. Instinctively, men think more about sex. Most men, during the day, can be excited several times. Abstinence for men is more difficult than for women. Forced sexual abstinence is very difficult to tolerate by hypersexual men. In the absence of a partner, men tend to masturbate more often than women.

If speaking about the advantagesSex Abstinence: Causes, Consequences for Male Health and Sex afterwards. and disadvantages of abstinence on male health, there is no absolute answer because every man is his own person. But, if we consider the average sexually active man; then, forced abstinence gives nothing more than negative consequences for the health of such a man. The likely side effects of sexual abstinence are:

  • persistent decrease in sexual desire, as such after a long abstinence;
  • premature ejaculation;
  • development of neuroses and inferiority complex;
  • fear of new acquaintances;
  • nervousness and aggression;
  • suppression of prostatic secretion;
  • varicose veins of the scrotum;
  • tumors (prostate adenoma, testicular cancer);
  • erectile dysfunction and impotence.

The Most Harmful Consequences

Specialists name the following consequences of sex abstinence as the most dangerous ones:

  • Congestions and inflammatory conditions in the prostate gland. It may cause acute prostatitis or chronic prostatitis, which may result in impotence and prostatic adenoma;
  • The decrease in reproductive function. The inhomogeneous constitution characterizes seminal fluid after a long-term abstinence; sperm motility is minimal. It unlikely leads to male infertility; but, the health of an unborn child may be harmed.
  • Reduced oxygen saturation of the penis. The inflow of blood during sexual acts contributes to sufficient overload of cells with oxygen, and abstinence can lead to cholesterol blockages, trophic disorders in the penis, and subsequently to worsening or disrupting the work of erectile function;
  • Psychological disorders – the body reacts to the lack of testosterone and emotional satisfaction with irritability, nervousness, depressive and aggressive states;
  • Hormonal imbalance – the condition of the skin, hair, nails deteriorates, overweight appears. Hormones exert the most substantial influence on the psyche, causing the appearance of obsessive thoughts, manias, and even a split personality.

How to get Used to Abstinence

Undoubtedly, sexual abstinence has a large number of negative consequences. But, this does notSex Abstinence: Causes, Consequences for Male Health and Sex afterwards. mean that a man has to give in to temptation, even if it’s at odds with his moral convictions. In order to less painfully survive the period of sex abstinence, you need to use some tips:

  • Do sport;
  • Find a hobby;
  • Try to create and develop your creative talent;
  • Tend to head towards self-actualization and self-enrichment;
  • Practice various techniques of meditation (contemplation, dynamic meditation, etc.)

Sex after Abstinence

When men return to sexual life after abstinence, they can face some serious problems:

  • premature ejaculation;
  • lack of an erection;

If the first two problems are quickly recovered, the last one can hardly be corrected. Therefore, after an extended period of abstinence from sex, the best thing men can do is to consult a doctor at once. He or she will assign you the most appropriate treatment; maybe it will be necessary to take some medication for ED treatment and potency support. At any rate, it takes some time to make a full recovery from the sexual function. However, in the end, it returns to its original state, allowing to enjoy an intimate life again.